akpharma-prelief-tablets Studies confirm that the acids in the food you eat might be the one giving you painful bladder symptoms. If you want to end your suffering and completely enjoy the foods you eat, there is a solution to your problem and that is Prelief – the only product that can take out acids in the foods you eat. Taking Prelief can stop the acids from causing you painful bladder symptoms. Many people who suffer from painful bladder reported that some foods, most of them are spicy or acidic, cause bladder symptoms. These trigger foods, as termed by some experts, include fruits, tomato sauce, wine, coffee, juice drinks and many others of nutritional significance. The acidity of these foods is often not recognized immediately until its effects are felt. Some of these trigger foods include:

• 100% apple juice• 100% pear juice• Apples
• Beer• Dried apricots• Artichoke hearts
• BBQ Sauce• Capers• Beets
• Cantaloupe• Bell Peppers• Horseradish
• Cranberries• Grape Juice• Blackberries
• Fruit Cocktail• Honey• Blueberries
• Lemon juice• Cucumbers• Jalepenos
• Grapes• Ketchup• Lime Juice
• Mashed potatoes• Onions• Nectarines
• Orange juice• Olives• Peeled tomatoes
• Oranges• Pineapple• Red wine
• Spaghetti sauce• Raisins• Roasted peppers
• Steak sauce• Strawberries• Tomato juice

Why use 



Prelief is a safe and simple alternative to drugs. Recent research connects acid food sensitivity to IC/BPS flare-ups and also confirms the positive effects of taking Prelief with trigger foods. The most up-to-date professional information about the beneficial uses of Prelief can be found in the recent surveys and studies. The fact that these studies validate one another forms a scientific agreement that trigger foods cause bladder problems and that Prelief is a significant means of altering the problem properties of these foods. When painful bladder symptoms are caused by acid foods, Prelief is the only one that works on those and there is no other product out there that can match its effectiveness. More than that, it does not produce any side effects, thus users can make sure that they can get nothing but the best from this product. With its help, there is no need to undergo painful surgeries or take any form of drugs just to get rid of the painful bladder symptoms. Prelief eliminates the acid from the foods, thus allowing you to enjoy your foods to the fullest. It even gets rid of the acids on your favorite foods that contain hidden acid you are not aware of such as baked beans, chocolate, yogurt and many others. Try taking Prelief for a week or 2 and feel the difference. Two tablets of Prelief can take out the acid enough for you to stay comfortable after eating acidic foods. On the other hand, depending on your sensitivity to the trigger foods, use less or more Prelief as needed. You can experiment with the number of tablets which can do the job for you. Yes, Prelief takes the acid out of foods. Prelief even takes the acid out of favorite foods containing “hidden” acid you aren’t aware of, like chocolate, baked beans, sherbets, yogurt and too many others to even name. Try Prelief for a week or two and see if there isn’t a difference you can feel.

Akpharma Prelief 300 Tab

Prelief, Natural Cure for Heartburn and Bladder Pain Relief Medications
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Suggested Use

Simply take one or two Prelief tablets when you eat acidic foods. It’s that simple and easy.


What is Prelief? Prelief is a safe, effective over-the-counter product that removes the acid irritant from foods and beverages.  Prelief helps prevent the discomfort of food-caused heartburn and other food acid problems before they happen. In addition, each Prelief tablet delivers 6.4% of your calcium RDI, with uniquely absorbable calcium – far more available than from calcium carbonate.  The calcium in Prelief is as readily available as the calcium in milk. Why is reducing the acid in food necessary? Many people are highly sensitive to food acid.  For some, food acid can cause heartburn.  In many cases of acid discomfort, the problem lies with obvious or unsuspected food acid.  Removing the acid irritant out the food will allow most people to stay comfortable. How is Prelief different from the acid blockers? Prelief is the only acid fighter that is designed to take irritating acids out of the foods you eat, while leaving your protective stomach acid untouched.  This is important because stomach acid is essential to both your digestion and your body’s defense mechanism against bacteria; stomach acid is actually a first stop in the body’s germ-defense system. How do you use Prelief Tablets? Take 2 tablets with each meal, snack or beverage.  2 tablets usually remove enough acid from most foods but more can be taken if needed. When Prelief is added to the food does it changes the taste? Not in most foods.  When detectable at all, the sole change is a slight reduction in the food’s acid “bite” which is a good change for most tastes. Where can you purchase Prelief? You can buy Prelief by clicking here. Who makes Prelief? Prelief was developed by AkPharma Inc., one of America’s leading developers of specialty foods and digestants such as Lactaid® and Beano®.

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